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No hidden fees. The price you see is the price you pay.

Nuuclean Customer Guarantee:

At Nuuclean our customers are our Number 1 priority.

Customer Satisfaction every time or your money back.

Nuuclean offer a 24 hr callout emergency service.

Nuuclean Carpet Cleaners for Croydon and surrounding areas.

Carpet Cleaners in Croydon The price you see is the price you pay.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon All our prices include pre-treatments.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon Double standard cleaning for effective dirt and stain removal.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon Chemically safe cleaning for all the family including babies and pets.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon Fully Insured up to £5,000,000.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon 110 degrees high temperature steam cleaning.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon  Faster drying times.

* Applies to Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Only

We have recently introduced our new state of the art high powered carpet cleaning equipment to ensure an even better clean for our Customers.

It’s more efficient and has similar power to larger intrusive truck mounted machines with the added benefit of being fully portable. Whether you live in a house, apartment or the top floor of a high rise block of flats – The Ninja can access all areas. This powerful cleaning tool allows us to get into every corner of your home to give a better, deeper clean.

Just one of the many reasons we are highly sought after in Croydon, Bromley, Sutton and the surrounding areas of London, as a high quality carpet and upholstery cleaner.CarpetCleaningCompanyCroydon_SouthLondonCleaningMachine

Our state of the art V2 heating systems will heat our solution to 110 degrees while cleaning your carpets ensuring a more sterile and safe environment for your work or home.

Another benefit of high temperature carpet cleaning is that it provides more effective dirt and stain removal as well as faster drying times for your newly cleaned carpets.

Our built-to-order commercial grade steam cleaning machines are 10X more powerful than a rug doctor type hire machine.

We also provide Scotchguard and deodoriser treatments on your newly cleaned carpets and upholstery offering you fresh long-lasting protection.





Nuuclean aim not just to meet customer expectations but to exceed them and our new triple vac high performance cleaning machines help us to deliver on this promise.

Carpet Cleaning in Croydon

Nuuclean pride ourselves on our Aftercare Service. On completion, we will clean any debris or water left by our equipment and will advise you how best to look after your newly cleaned carpets. A complimentary pair of overshoes will be left for you. This is a plastic shoe which slips over your standard shoes or trainers and will protect your carpet from marking during the 4 hour drying process.

Nuuclean: We don’t just clean carpets in Croydon!

Our services include…

  • Special offer: Free deodoriser on all cleans – leave your carpets not only looking good but with a fresh and clean fragrance.

Flea and mite treatment:

Our chemical spray treatment will safely kill flea and larvae, and neutralise dust mite faeces which is a major cause of allergic reaction.

Scotchguard or Deodoriser:

Our Scotchguard spray treatment will give you extra protection against spills and staining for all your carpet and upholstery. Deodorisers will effectively neutralise urine, cigarette & pet odours and leave your carpets with a fresh & clean fragrance.

Carpet Cleaning:

Your home and commercial carpets will be assessed and cleaned by our professional technicians with our best double standard clean available. A pre-enzyme clean for more effective stain removal using the latest high performance, high pressure carpet extracting machines which rival larger truck-mount machines for more effective dirt removal.CarpetCleaningCompanyCroydon_RemoveCarpetStains

Pre-enzyme Cleaning: Breathe fresh life into your old carpets – our pre-enzyme cleaning can renew and improve the pile of your carpet and often leave them looking like new. 

Once assessed, your carpets will require a pre-treatment enzyme to be applied before the main clean. The applied enzymes will penetrate deeper into the carpet fibre than a standard clean and dissolve stubborn stains and dirt. When the main clean is then applied the result is a more visually impressive, cleaner, and more hygienic carpet. (Note: Beware of cheaper cleaning companies offering inferior standard cleaning services).

Curtains (pair):

While still hung, our machines will effectively and efficiently clean your curtains in your home with the use of a special attachment removing dirt, dust and odours – leaving them looking like new.

3 piece suite:

UpholsterySofaCleaningCompanyCroydon_SouthLondonWe will clean your 3-piece suite or sofa using a special detailing attachment using our pre-treatment clean to a double standard.

Dining room chairs:

We will clean your dining room chairs using a special detailing attachment using our pre-treatment clean to a double standard.

Mattress Cleaning:

We will clean your mattress and remove dirt and stains using a special detailing attachment while using high temperature cleaning to sterilise and remove any bed bugs, fleas and mites.


We will clean the rugs in your home using the same double standard clean process we use to clean your carpets.

Car Seats/Car Valeting:

Using a special detailing attachment we will clean your car interior and car seats using our double standard cleaning service.

Office cleaning or large premises cleaning:

No job is too large!

One of our fully trained staff will arrange a pre-site visit after booking and determine the amount of staff and equipment needed, and discuss the best service tailored for your specific requirements.

Your commercial carpets will be cleaned by our professional technicians with our best double standard clean available. A pre-enzyme clean for more effective stain removal using the latest high performance, high pressure carpet extracting machines rivaling larger truck-mount machines.

This method ensures more effective dirt and stain removal.

Domestic Cleaning:
We can offer professional, domestic cleaning services in your home on request.

Was NOW Pay with PayPal
Lounge £60 £30 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Through Lounge £80 £40 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Curtains (Full) £30 £15 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Curtains (Half) £20 £10 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
3 Piece Suite £138 £69 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Dining Room Chairs (Each) £12 £6 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Rugs £20 £10 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Single Mattress £30 £15 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Double Mattress £40 £20 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Bedroom £38 £19 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Dining Room £38 £19 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Small Box Room £20 £10 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Hall, Stairs and Landing £60 £30 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
1 Bed Flat £100 £50 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
2 Bed Flat £110 £55 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
2 Bed House £150 £75 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
3 Bed House £160 £80 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
4 Bed House £170 £85 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Scotchguard or Deodoriser Treatment £6 per Room £25 per Full House mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Flea and Mite Treatment £60 £30 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Pet Accident and Stain Treatment £100 £50 petaccident_staintreatmentcarpetcleaningcroydon_ayNow1











Other payment options are available. Contact us for more information.CarpetCleaningCroydon_DomesticCleaning

If using the PayPal option above, payment is made via your PayPal account to our account. The name on the account will be Paul Nugent ( When paying please ensure that the correct fees are entered prior to ordering. Once ordered, please use the Enquiry Form or Booking Form on the right to let us know what services you require and when.

£45 minimum charge applies.
The Customer is responsible for parking fees where free parking is not available.
There is a £10 fee for carrying heavy machinery up the stairs if there is no lift in the property.
Congestion charge fees apply.carpet cleaning company in croydon discount returning customers

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If it’s not listed above, just ask! We do our best to assist with any household cleaning, stains, or spills.

For Domestic enquiries call on 07804 669 568 and for all other requirements call on 0208 681 2572 or 07411 156 483 or use our contact page and we’ll do our best to help!