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Carpet Cleaners in Croydon The price you see is the price you pay.
Carpet Cleaners in Croydon Professional, friendly and prompt service.
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Carpet Cleaners in Croydon Chemically safe cleaning for all the family including babies and pets.
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Carpet Cleaners in Croydon  Faster drying times.

Professional Oven Cleaning

Oven cleaning has always been one of those jobs that are always put off until tomorrow – as it is time consuming, dirty and the fumes from off-the shelf oven cleaning kits are invariably very, very strong.

Our experience in oven cleaning has allowed Nuuclean to develop a unique oven cleaning process that is both thorough and highly effective.

Our system ensures you have a safe, hygienic, and fume-free environment that allows you to use your oven as soon as we have finished.

OvenCleaningCompanyCroydon9BromleyOur fully trained specialists deep clean to remove all grease, fat, and burnt-on carbon deposits from your oven, range, or AGA to a level that a supermarket kit or standard cleaning products could never achieve.

Upon arrival at your home we will place work sheets around the appliance to be cleaned to protect floor coverings and work units. We will inspect your appliance and explain what we will be doing. Then all removable parts are stripped away from each appliance to allow us to access all difficult to reach areas. Our efficient cleaning solution is designed to loosen and remove all traces of burnt-on carbon and grease on shelves, gas hob ‘discs’, grill pans, light covers, etc. Everything is cleaned by hand as we don’t use chemical dip tanks.

We clean ovens, hobs, cookers, ranges, Agas, Rayburns, Stanleys, extractors, shelves, and trays.

Carpet Cleaning in CroydonWe take great pride in our work and only use non-caustic, non-toxic products with no fumes which leaves your kitchen safe for you, your children, and pets.

The result is a professional oven clean that will leave your oven gleaming and ready to use straight away.


Full deep clean of flat and carpet clean and oven / fridge:

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Nuuclean: We don’t just clean ovens!

Our work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Oven Cleaning:

All shelves are removed, so that we can perform a deep clean on individual items.

We will also remove any ‘self clean’ liners and deep clean behind them, followed by deep cleaning the floor and roof of the oven to remove all grease and burnt-on carbon deposits.

Doors will be removed to allow access to some of the more difficult to reach areas, and, if possible, doors will be split to allow cleaning between the glass inner and outer panels.OvenCleaningCompanyCroydonSutton

Once everything is clean, we put it all back together and polish it to restore the original gleam.

Gas Hob Cleaning:

We deep clean all removable hob parts and clean behind any accessible areas.

Hob burner discs and saucepan spiders are deep cleaned to remove all burnt-on carbon deposits and grease deposits.

Burnt-on deposits on the aluminium burners below the discs are polished to restore the original sheen.

Any burnt-on carbon and grease is removed from the hob, including hob lids as appropriate.

Finally, everything is put back together and polished to restore the sparkle.

Electric and Ceramic Hob Cleaning:

Any grease and burnt-on carbon deposits will be removed from the hob, including hob covers as appropriate.OvenCleaningCompanyCroydonLondon

Once again, everything is put back together and polished to restore the sparkle.

Extractor Cleaning:

Any removable parts and accessible areas are deep cleaned.

Grease and burnt-on deposits are removed from both the exterior and the interior of the extractor.

Aluminium filters are cleaned to remove the grease and residual odours and, of course the cover itself is cleaned and the extractor hood is polished.

We then put everything back together and finish with a final polish.

AGA, Rayburn, and Stanley Cleaning:

All interior shelves, racks or trays are removed, then we perform a deep clean on individual items.

We remove all grease and carbon on the cowl and flu stack and degrease and polish under the burner lids.

We deep clean all surfaces inside your oven and degrease and polish the inner aluminium surfaces on the doors. We will also polish inside the oven doors and the hot plate lids.OvenCleaningCompanyCroydonSouthNorwood

The topside of the hot plate lids are cleaned and polished, and any burnt-on carbon deposits are removed from the enamelled areas. The underside of the hot plate lids will be polished by hand to bring back the original luster.

We will also remove the hot plate rings to allow us to get the heavy stains and deposits underneath.

Your chimney will be cleaned of grease deposits, then buffed, and polished.

Finally, everything is put back together and polished to restore the sparkle.

Note: It is necessary to turn your Aga off in advance. This will allow it to cool before we arrive, thus ensuring that we can provide you with the best possible cleaning.

When We Leave…

Nuuclean pride ourselves on our Aftercare Service. On completion, we will clean any debris from your kitchen, ensure the outer areas of your appliance, work surfaces, and work units are cleaned and polished, remove our worksheets, and clean up after ourselves.

Your appliance will be clean, and ready to use immediately, and your kitchen will be clean and free from strong chemical odours.

Oven Cleaning Prices:

Was NOW Pay with PayPal
Single Oven and Hob £100 £50 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Double Oven £200 £100 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1
Extractor Hood £50 £25 mobilecarvaletcroydonsouthlondon_interiorcarvaleting_PayNow1

Other payment options are available. Contact us for more information.

If using the PayPal option above, payment is made via your PayPal account to our PayPal.me account. The name on the account will be Paul Nugent. When paying please ensure that the correct fees are entered prior to ordering. Once ordered, please use the Enquiry Form or Booking Form on the right to let us know what services you require and when.

£45 minimum charge applies.
The Customer is responsible for parking fees where free parking is not available.
There is a £10 fee for carrying heavy machinery up the stairs if there is no lift in the property.
Congestion charge fees apply.carpet cleaning company in croydon discount returning customers

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