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PLUS… Free Deodoriser on all cleans!


Nuuclean offer a 24 hr callout emergency service.


Nuuclean Carpet Cleaners for Croydon and surrounding areas

Our services include:

Was NOW Pay with PayPal
Lounge £40 £20 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Through Lounge £50 £25 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Curtains (Full) £30 £15 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Curtains (Half) £20 £10 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
3 Piece Suite £138 £69 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Dining Room Chairs (Each) £8 £4 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Rugs £20 £10 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Single Mattress £30 £15 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Double Mattress £40 £20 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Bedroom £38 £19 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Dining Room £38 £19 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Small Box Room £20 £10 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Hall, Stairs and Landing £54 £27 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Car Valet (From) £80 £40 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Car Seats £20 £10 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
1 Bed Flat £100 £50 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
2 Bed Flat £110 £55 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
2 Bed House £150 £75 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
3 Bed House £160 £80 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
4 Bed House £170 £85 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Scotchguard or Deodoriser Treatment £6 per Room £25 per Full House Clean CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Flea and Mite Treatment £60  £30 CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
End of Tenancy Sparkle Clean
2 Bed House (Excludes Cooker and Fridge)
£265 £199 (25% off) CarpetCleanersAddiscombe_Croydon_Bromley_Sutton_PayNow1
Office Cleaning or Large Premises Cleaning Please call for competitive rates

Payment is made via your PayPal account to our account. The name on the account will be Paul Nugent ( For multiple orders such as chairs, simply change the fees to the correct amount. When paying please ensure that the correct fees are entered prior to ordering. Once ordered, please use the Enquiry Form or Booking Form on the right to let us know what services you require and when.

If you have any queries at all do not hesitate to contact us!


Please Note:

10% discount for old age pensioners.

Mininimum Charge £30.

Congestion zone charges and parking fees will apply if there is no free parking. Please let us know about this when booking if this applies to you.

There is a £10 fee for carrying machines upstairs in flats with no lift

Contact us for a free quotation or advice on the best option to suit your needs.