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Professional Carpet Cleaning Advice – Keep Your Carpets Clean and Fresh For Years

Professional Carpet Cleaning Advice – Keep Your Carpets Clean and Fresh For Years

Carpet Cleaning Croydon: Nuuclean

Carpets make any home welcoming and relaxing, but their upkeep can be a major chore. After all, if you spill your drink on a tiled floor, a quick mop up will soon fix things – but not for carpet!


Spill your drink on a carpet or rug and unless you take drastic action immediately, your floor’s going to be smelling bad pretty soon – and the longer you leave things, the harder that stain is to remove.


So let’s look at some carpet cleaning tips to help you keep your carpets clean and fresh for years to come.


It goes without saying that regular vacuum cleaning is essential. You should try to vacuum clean all your carpets at least once a week. This will prevent the build up of dust, grit and other residues that cause damage to the fibers of your carpets and rugs.If you have the time, you should run your cleaner over the frequently used carpet areas even more often, every few days if possible. This is especially important for areas where children play or your pets lie down.


The next thing you can do is to apply soil retardants. A soil retardant is a chemical finish that helps the fibers of your carpet resist dirt, liquids and other substances that can seep into and contaminate your carpets. This treatment makes the upkeep of your carpets much easier.

This is where you need a specialist carpet cleaning company like us. Our Scotchguard spray treatment will give you extra protection against spills and staining for all your carpet and upholstery. Deodorisers will effectively neutralise urine, cigarette & pet odours and leave your carpets with a fresh & clean fragrance.


Finally, you need to give your carpets a regular deep cleaning with a steam vapor cleaner. These cleaners blast scalding steam right to the roots of your carpets and eradicate the most stubborn dirt, stains along with the dust mites that can cause miserable allergies for your whole family.


At Nuuclean Carpet Cleaning Croydon , we use the best double standard clean available: A pre-enzyme clean for more effective stain removal using the latest high performance, high pressure carpet extracting machines which rival larger truck-mount machines for more effective dirt removal.


We also administer Pre-enzyme Cleaning to breathe fresh life into your old carpets. The applied enzymes will penetrate deeper into the carpet fibre than a standard clean and dissolve stubborn stains and dirt. When the main clean is then applied the result is a more visually impressive, cleaner, and more hygienic carpet. (Note: Beware of cheaper cleaning companies offering inferior standard cleaning services).


Carpets are wonderful and taking care of them need not be difficult. Just follow these few simple tips which you can do at home, and call us every now and then to ensure you keep your carpets deep clean which will help them last longer and reward you with years of use.


Want to know more about the benefits of steam cleaning carpets? If you are looking for inexpensive, professional Carpet Cleaning in Croydon then do Contact us for a free quotation or advice on the best option to suit your needs.

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